There’s an amazing wealth of extraordinary Italian white wines out there that can rock your world as well as quench your thirst.

Sadly, most are super undervalued or completely overlooked. But savvy wine consumers can take advantage of that!

Let’s take a look at some great Italian white wines that deserve their day in the sun.



What’s So Special About Italian White Wine?

The Italian peninsula stretches from the Alps in the north to Africa in the south. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Italy has a host of winegrowing environments.

When the ancient Greeks came to southern Italy, bringing their grapevines and sophisticated viticulture practices along with them, they met the native Etruscans who had already developed their own winegrowing techniques. Later, Roman tribes of central Italy arrived, inheriting this composite wine culture, and expanding their empire – and their wine savvy – throughout the entire peninsula and most of Europe. Then, with the rise of Christianity, wine production was carried forward in monasteries. Eventually individual city states emerged and developed distinctive winegrowing traditions which continued after the Reunification of Italy in 1861.

Wine Map of Italy

Wine Map of Italy

Get to know the regions and the wines of Italy on this illustrated map.

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The end result of all this is that Italy has more native grape varieties, more types of wine and more distinctive winemaking practices than just about any other place on earth.

A Collio vineyard in winter by Harry Blue.