Welcome to Ale Academy (and Lagers Too)! In VinePair’s virtual world, we have always championed accessible education and we know our readers come to learn about beer. That’s why this semester, VinePair is inviting students (that’s you!) to attend an Introduction to Beer Styles.

In this course, each comic-ale lesson will cover one type of beer and its aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, classic examples, and a splash of humorous history. The class is taught by the illustrious (fictional) Dr. Janine D. Clerk, the newest head of academic learning at the academy (and a distant relative of the famous Belgian brewing scientist Jean De Clerck). What are you waiting for? Grab a beer-clean glass, a tasting notebook, and let’s go!

American Light Lagers

Ale Academy No. 2: American Light Lagers

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