There’s a reason that Napa Valley now boasts 16 distinct American Viticultural Areas. The valley’s diversity of soils, microclimates, and topology make for a rich variety of growing sites, each providing winemakers with different characteristics to utilize in crafting expressive wines. Do these smaller growing regions within Napa have distinct personalities that growers recognize? Are there regional flavor signatures that we can taste in the wines?

In pursuit of answers to these questions and hopefully an interesting and educational discussion, I’m hosting a free virtual seminar in conjunction with the Napa Valley Vintners association on August 27th at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. I’ll be joined by some top Napa Cabernet producers: Alison Rodriguez from The Hess Collection, Jonathan Pey from TEXTBOOK, Beth Novak Milliken from Spottswoode, Priyanka French from Signorello, and Reilly Keenan from Keenan Winery.

If you’d like to join us, please RSVP here. Also, if you’d like to purchase the wines we’re tasting in advance, you’ll find links to do so on that page. That’s not required to attend, nor to get something out of the session, but it certainly will make for a more tasty experience.

You may want to check out other talks in this series, entitled Napa Valley Sessions, on the Napa Valley Vintners web site.

See you online in a couple of weeks!