Whether you work in wine or just want to refine your knowledge, online wine courses are a great way to build your foundation. Also, you get a wine education in the comfort of your own home!



Why not learn something while you sip? by Zach Hagy

Online Wine Courses

You essentially have two main types of courses to choose from: free and paid online wine courses. Each option comes with some pros and cons to consider.

Free Courses

  • Pros: Free! And, what’s out there is actually pretty good.
  • Cons: Patchwork information, very little guidance, no person-to-person interaction, and no recognized certifications.

Paid Courses

  • Pros: Excellent guidance, courses include more than just videos, peer-to-peer support, live seminars, and some offer recognized certificates.
  • Cons: Costs money, usually around $200 (and $500+ for certification courses).

Free Wine Learning

The quality of information in the free videos is high because of the content comes from great sources. Of course, it’s very patchwork. So, to make it easy to follow along, we curated several YouTube playlists. They include both theory, service, and “taste-alongs” for palate training.

Wine Region - Burgundy - Clos de Vougeot

Wine Region - Burgundy - Clos de Vougeot

7+ hours of wine theory exploring topics like winemaking and regions.

General Wine Knowledge

This scrappy, self-directed wine learning playlist features 7 hours of curated videos from quality YouTubers including Wine Folly, Guildsomm, and LCBO.

In this series, you’ll learn the basics of wine and the professional tasting method, and it will also introduce you to several of the world’s most popular wines and wine regions.

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Netflix for Wine

Netflix for Wine

From the creators of the award winning SOMM Documentary Series, comes a streaming service all about the worlds of wine, food and hospitality.

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How to serve a bottle of red wine in a restaurant

How to serve a bottle of red wine in a restaurant

WSET goes through the exact steps of a proper restaurant wine service.

Wine Service (for Servers and Hospitality)

If you’re hoping to brush up on your wine skills for a restaurant or other hospitality job, all the basics are available on this playlist. Learn how to open wine with a waiter’s friend corkscrew and understand how to never let a Champagne bottle explode!

Videos from quality educators like Guildsomm, WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust), and Wine Folly. Also, find some extra tips on serving and pairing wine with food.

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Marnie Old gives confidence-boosting advice for ordering bottle service at a restaurant.

Wine Etiquette, Technique and Food Pairing

Get confident ordering wine in a restaurant and handling wine in a sophisticated setting. This wine series of videos features practical knowledge on navigating wine lists, wine labels, and pairing wine with food.

Educators include experienced wine communicators like Marnie Old, Madeline Puckette, and Andrea Robinson.

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More free guides

Need more free? Be sure to check out the Wine 101 page or subscribe to get the free PDF guide for reference!

Paid Online Wine Courses

Hundreds of wine educators offer online coaching, so we narrowed the list down to businesses offering consistent wine courses with the greatest amount of customer support.



Madeline Puckette’s enthusiasm makes the palate training and exploring regional wines a fun adventure.

Wine Styles Tasting Course with Madeline Puckette

Award-winning wine communicator Madeline Puckette offers a hands-on tasting course to give you an overview of wine while training your palate. The course features 6 wine styles (2 whites and 4 reds) that explore wine fundamentals through smell and taste.

The course is upbeat, given Puckette’s enthusiastic style, and tasting along makes it interactive and fun. The supplemental guide acts as a tasting toolkit but also includes detailed information on each wine region and wine style featured. (Wines sold separately.)

  • Level: Beginner, Great for groups
  • What’s Included: 2+ hours of on-demand videos, 20-page guide, and wines purchase list.
  • Certificate: No.
  • Cost: $19
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