Wine and wings: not exactly a common mental image. But believe it or not, pairing wine and wings is a challenge we *must* take on. Why? Because it’s delicious.

The only problem you’ll encounter is sticky sauce covered wine glasses. But, whomever is willing to share this level of social awkwardness with you is a friend worth keeping. Also, this is what Wet-Naps are for.

Wine and wings pairings illustrations by Wine Folly

Wine and wings pairings illustrations by Wine Folly

It’s Always About the Sauce

Much like pairing wine with BBQ, finding the perfect complementary wine and wings come down to the sauce. You’re looking for wine qualities that match up with the spice, heat, and acid (vinegar) found in common wing sauces.

So you need wines that quell the heat, accentuate the acidity (with their own acidity), and complement the spicing. Despite common logic, a big, bold, and tannic red wine isn’t always the wisest choice. A hammer can’t do the job of a Philips-head.

We need food wines.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Wine and Cheese Pairings

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Wine and Wings: 6 Mouthwatering Pairings

It seems like every bar and restaurant has its own take on wings, but we’ve compiled 6 of the most popular and matched them with some great wine options. Try them out and tell us what you think.

PLANT-BASED PEOPLE: You can delight in this list too, just replace the protein with your favorite meatless alternative. Wine is for everyone.

Wine and Buffalo wings pairing with Riesling - by Wine Folly