Looking for the perfect summer wine? Grab a can. We’re exploring some of our go-to canned wines and why they make the perfect beach bag and camping pack accessory.

Cans aren’t just for beer and soda anymore. Canned wine is making a name for itself. Besides being convenient and affordable, cans offer a fun and easy approach to wine: something even serious wine lovers can get behind.

Canned wine sizes infographic by Wine Folly

Canned wine sizes infographic by Wine Folly

Why Canned Wine?

As if you need an excuse to try canned wine this summer, we have six:

  1. First and foremost: they’re tasty! Canned wines tick all the boxes for a thirst quenching, crisp and tasty beverage. Wines range in style from sparkling roses to earthy reds.
  2. Canned wine is portable, light-weight, and durable, making it great for taking outdoors or to the pool.
  3. Cans can be chilled quickly and their compact size makes them easy to store.
  4. No winetool needed. Need we say more?
  5. Cans require fewer materials and fuel to transport. Plus, just like bottles, cans can be recycled!
  6. Canned wine offers an affordable, smaller serving wine option without compromising quality.

How Do You Serve Canned Wine?

Go ahead and serve it straight from the can! But keep in mind, certain aromas are more noticeable and complex after the wine is poured into a glass.

Taking your wine outside? Try an insulated, glass-free container like a Brümate Tumbler.

Appellations of Burgundy

Appellations of Burgundy

Get a greater understanding of this storied wine region with a detailed map.

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Some Canned Wines To Know

Canned wine has come a long way, and just like any other kind of wine, quality varies. So we’ve picked out some pretty good ones that are worth investigating.

Vinny Canned Wine Blanc.

Vinny Canned Wine Blanc.

Vinny Blanc. By Vinny Wines.

Vinny Blanc

Canned wine for bubble-heads.

The Grapes: Grüner Veltliner & Riesling
Price: ~$22 / 4-pack (equivalent to 1.25 standard bottles)
Size: 250 ml / can

Thomas Pastuszak, sommelier at The Nomad and founder of Empire Estate Wines, is no stranger to wine. His latest project Vinny features grapes from New York’s Finger Lakes.

Vinny Blanc features aromas of tart apple, lemon, and lime zest. Yes to wine with brunch.

A can of Bridge Lane Chardonnay: a canned wine.