Argentina is brimming with delicious wines, rich history, and insight on a beautiful land. So what’s the perfect strategy to take in Argentina and expand your palate? Learn By Drinking: Argentina of course!

Let your tastebuds teach you

Our sense of taste is one of the most evocative and powerful tools for gaining a sense of place and for retaining knowledge.

With high altitudes and unique weather, Argentina has a wine variety that is rarely matched around the world.

Using the course and the Argentina region guide together creates a tasting experience that puts your taste buds on the map. It’s a great way to tie things like weather, soil, and sun to the wines of a region – with an expert at your side.

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Course details

The course explores six important wine varieties that grow across Argentina’s diverse landscape from Patagonia to Salta. These wines include Argentina’s top styles, such as Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Torrontés.

This course aims to help you:

  • Know how to identify quality and age-worthiness in Argentina wines.
  • Feel knowledgable about Argentina and know where to look to find great wines.
  • Associate wine flavors with the variety, winemaking method, and regional terroir.
  • Expand your palate and taste wine like a pro, with a pro.
  • We’ve partnered with Wine Access in the USA to ship you the six wines included in this course.



An expert at your side

Madeline Puckette is a winner of the International Wine and Spirit Competition “Wine Communicator of the Year,” a James Beard award-winning author, and 10+ year veteran sommelier in the wine trade.

What makes her so special? Puckette is known for her entertaining, interesting, and most importantly, helpful educational content. It all starts with you, the wine drinker.

Take the course! Learn by Drinking: Argentina is available now!

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