This October, VinePair is celebrating our second annual American Beer Month. From beer style basics to unexpected trends (pickle beer, anyone?), to historical deep dives and new developments in package design, expect an exploration of all that’s happening in breweries and taprooms across the United States all month long.

From super juicy hazies to ultra hoppy west coasts, IPA seems to be the only type of beer people are drinking these days. But is the popular style really the most beloved across the country?

To discover the best beers in the United States, we consulted Beer Advocate’s top rated beers from brewers in each state and D.C. And while yes, some sort of IPA ranks highest for 19 states, there’s actually another style that takes the cake, topping the list for 22 states: Stout. (Arguably more surprising? Three of the country’s top brews feature coconut.)

So which is the most popular on your home turf? Read on to find out the highest rated beer in every state.

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The Highest Rated Beer in Every State