The India Pale Ale (IPA) category continues to surge in popularity across America. With countless IPA sub-styles — New England IPA (NEIPA) and imperial versions among the most popular — trends come and go, but IPA is the most sold craft beer style at chain retailers across the United States.

High in hop-driven florality and fruitiness (or pungent herbs and pine sap, depending on your preference), the IPA and its many iterations are crowd-pleasing additions to taproom menus up and down both coasts, and regions in between.

VinePair consulted BeerAdvocate’s top-rated beers in each state to determine which IPA takes the top ranking with at least 50 ratings, inclusive of all IPA sub-styles. Beers in nearly half the states on this list are imperial IPAs (a.k.a. double IPAs), reinforcing the American craft beer community’s love for big, bold, and boozy. The results show the versatility of the style, too, with some unexpected hits as well as the slightly more obvious trends (about a third fall in the NEIPA category — we see you, haze bros).

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Wondering which IPA is most beloved in your home state? Read on to find out.

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These are the highest-rated IPAs in every U.S. state

Source: BeerAdvocate 11/10/2021

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