While IPAs are having a moment, stouts continue to quietly rank among the most popular beers in the country. And with the category’s vast array of styles — from dry Irish stouts to pastry and milk stouts galore — there’s a stout out there for every palate.

To learn which stouts are favored among a broad range of beer lovers, VinePair consulted Beer Advocate’s highest-rated beers in the United States. From there, we selected the highest-rated stouts with at least 50 ratings, and found the top pick per state. Though the selection process meant some states were not ranked (sorry, South Dakota), the results show a tantalizing array of dark and roasty brews.

From classic English-style oatmeal stouts to a bevy of bourbon-barrel-aged imperials, these are the most highly rated stouts in every state except Hawaii, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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These are the highest-rated beers in every U.S. state

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