A recently released report from the London-based valuation consultancy firm Brand Finance lists the most valuable spirits brands for 2021, and reveals the strength of the spirits market in China.

Chinese producers continued to dominate the industry, accounting for five of the top 10 valued brands and totaling $89 billion in sales over the last year. This number represents an astounding 85.7 percent of the combined revenues for the entire list.

Turning to specific brands, Moutai maintained a huge leadership position with more than $45 billion in annual revenue. Even with sales lagging to five-year lows, the firm brought in almost $20 billion more than its nearest competitor, Wuliangye, which experienced a 24 percent increase in value with its focus on high-end Baijiu.

While the alcoholic drinks industry was hard-hit by regulations pertaining to the pandemic, not all segments were affected equally. In contrast to beer and wine, the spirits industry’s figures for the last year offer a more balanced picture, with sales increasing by five percent overall. Four of the top 10 brands gained value while six depreciated.

With restaurants, bars, and nightclubs reopening around the world, and an aura of the Roaring Twenties taking hold as people yearn for companionship, opportunities abound this year for producers to make up for lost ground.

The most valuable spirits brands in the world and their respective revenues for the past year are ranked below.

The 10 Most Valuable Spirits Brands 2021

1. Moutai ($45.333 billion)
2. Wuliangye ($25.768 billion)
3. Yanghe ($7.088 billion)
4. Luzhou Laojiao ($7.032 billion)
5. Gujing Gong Jiu ($4.048 billion)
6. Jack Daniels ($3.388 billion)
7. Hennessy ($3.294 billion)
8. Smirnoff ($3.196 billion)
9. Bacardi ($2.54 billion)
10. Johnnie Walker ($2.398 billion)