This decanter is made for white wine drinkers and manages to aerate and chill your wine in just about as much time as it takes to open a bottle and pour a glass.

When you first use the White Wine Breather Decanter, you’ll notice that your favorite wine tastes better than it did last time you opened up a bottle. Thinking it was perhaps a fluke, maybe you’ll pour your wine without it the next time. Next time you use your decanter, you’ll notice those differences again. Volatile acidity and bitterness have evaporated, leaving only the beautiful aspects of your wine.

Your wine simply tastes better than ever before and pairs better with your favorite dishes. Instead of waiting a few hours for your wine to hit its peak, you can drink the best possible version of your wine all evening.

Best White Wine Decanter

Wine needs oxygen. Swirling a glass of wine before drinking it is a great way to say “I know a little bit about wine” but also a great way to get a bit of oxygen into your glass. Whether you’re drinking Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, or a wine you’ve never heard of, your wine needs air to fully reveal its flavor, aroma, and complexity. With this decanter, though, you don’t even need to swirl the glass because all the swirling has been done for you while chilling it to the perfect temperature.

Your Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, and even cheerful reds like Gamay will be perfectly aerated and chilled to the perfect temperature in under two minutes, thanks to the integrated re-usable cooling stick inside the carafe. You can pour your wine back into the bottle or can serve it directly from the decanter.

The White Wine Breather Decanter is the perfect accessory for lovers of white wine. Your other decanters could never.

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