Hot on the heels of its Iced Tea line, Truly is introducing another range of products to shake up the hard seltzer space: Truly Punch Hard Seltzer.

The lineup will arrive in variety 12-packs, with four new flavors for hard seltzer fans to enjoy: Tropical, Berry, Citrus, and Fruit Punch. Each 12-ounce serving will deliver 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of carbs, while the overall profile is slightly sweeter than that of Truly’s original hard seltzer line, according to Brewbound.

Speaking to Brewbound, Truly brand vice president Don Lane described Truly Punch as its “biggest flavor yet,” and said the tasting scores during trials even exceeded those of its popular lemonade hard seltzers (the category’s third-best-selling line last year).

Set for release this May, Truly’s parent company Boston Beer has set aside $40 million for a media marketing campaign to promote Truly Punch and its other new offerings heading into summer.

With the range of hard seltzer styles and brands ever expanding, all signs point to a bubbly and boozy summer. Luckily, competition’s never tasted so good.