They’re calling it a “speakeasy” but it isn’t so much of a secret now.

On TikTok, user @thresapizzaaa gave viewers a tour of her at-home speakeasy, accessed via a secret staircase hidden underneath her kitchen island. Like “Alice in Wonderland,” the TikTok user guides viewers down the rabbit hole, showcasing a series of vault-like spaces that ends with an impressive bar.

The video recently gained the spotlight after @theresapizzaaa reposted her “most viral video of the year” from May 2021. Both TikToks have now garnered more than 45.9 million views combined.

@theresapizzaaaAnswer im_siowei♬ Cannibal – Ke$ha

Casually captioned “When I’m bored and remember I have a speakeasy under my kitchen island,” the video shows the TikTokker walking through her (already enormous) house to push back the tabletop of her kitchen island, revealing a hidden staircase.

Down below she shows off, in succession: five racks of wine, another hidden door in the wall, a large area with a stage and full-service bar, and a dancefloor. Meanwhile a mashup of Ke$ha’s iconic bop “Cannibal” provides the backing music.

Other videos on her page show the full extent of the basement, including a pinball and arcade room, and an indoor cinema that could comfortably seat 18 full-sized adults.

“Somewhere in my house the cockroaches have this many secret rooms,” commented one viewer.

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